An Open Letter

“It’s exciting to live fully, and be conscious for it.” 

A quote from a portion of an email from one of my favorite clients. Yes, I have favorites 🙂

As tears beat slowly down my cheeks, I ask myself why the hell am I crying. And then, I realize that for the first time in my career, I truly helped change someone’s life. Not by using the law necessarily, but by using my heart. 

Addiction is a disease that lives in the shadows of many lives. And often times, it lingers over these people and never leaves. To be thanked for helping someone who has faced those shadows and lives in the sunshine, is something so humbling and beautiful. It feels magical. 

While I don’t think I did much more than just being a good advocate and believing in him, he did most of the work. He believed in himself. 

You may think I changed your life and helped you, but it is people like you that change my life and remind me that I am exactly where I am meant to be. 

I’m so proud of you. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 


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