Heart in the Ocean

Take me to the ocean,

The pure & calming sea,

Cleanse my heart, please,

& wash my pain away from me. 

Take my hurt away,

In the soft & crashing wave,

& vanish if from my soul,

for to pain, I have been a slave.

Come with the deep, still waters,

that flow silently in peace,

& float upon my heart,

Please come back to me. 

Wrap your love around me,

In a wave hugging my being,

Be my arms, my eyes, my smile,

Bring me back to that feeling.

When you left with the waves,

My heart was in your hands,

My heart floated beside you faithfully,

You leaving with my heart as I just stand.

I couldn’t fight that wave,

The tide was just too strong. 

But I know my heart is safe with you,

For you are my heart’s song.

& as you floated with the ocean,

& I am still here with my feet in the sand,

But I can still feel your sea of love around me,

Holding my heart in your hands.

The waves keep coming & crashing,

& the water’s pain is long,

The waves, they come & go,

But our wave is going… going… gone…

-leerdalia, February 3, 2009


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