Unanswered Thoughts

often times, the hardest things for us to do are the best things. it seems paradoxical to be that way, but life is an expert at confusing us and twisting our arms. how unfortunate is it to never know when the right time to let go is? how mind boggling is it to never know which path is the “right” one?

life really is a road full of many paths and turns, and it really is the ability for us to use our experience and our intuition to make the right strides towards the rest of our lives. but what do we do when we hit a fork in the road and path “a” seems like the right road for the moment, but then path “b” seems like it may be better in the long haul. but what if it isn’t?

what happens when we make the wrong turn, can we turn back and begin running back to where we began? will the other path be there for us to take? what if what we thought was the right direction is actually not, and everything we thought we were or aspired to become is no longer what we want?

how do we get up from an entity that we have invested so much time, love, and nurture in, and walk away? is it a balancing approach? do weigh the pros and cons? how do we know when it is time to let go? do we wait until we feel comfortable on our own and not empty?

do we talk ourselves out of the thought because of familiarity, and not necessarily happiness? when is enough really enough? do we have a breaking point that we create on our own, or does our body and physiological system have all the power to act and judge what our “limit” is?

introspection is necessary. it is imperative that we know ourselves; who we are, before we continue with anything else. it is important not to know the answer to all of these questions, but to be content with not knowing all the answers. such answers will come when they are meant to be discovered – but do not be clouded by the thoughts of others, follow your intuition… and you’ll find, that while you do not know every answer, you know yourself , and that is the most important foundation for success.



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